With great regret, the decision has been made to suspend the Dalia Festival scheduled for May this year. We'd like to thank all the people who got involved and supported this Festival. We believe it is a time to take care of our health and we hope to be able to resume this beautiful project another time.

FACCMA will shortly inform administrative questions though their own channels.

20° Festival Dalia - 1 al 3 de Mayo de 2020

20th Festival Dalia

The Dalia Festival is the greatest expression of Israeli dances in our country and is already a trademark within community activities, is a reflection of how our institutions express their commitment to the State of Israel, in this case, through one of its most significant artistic expressions: rikudei-am. And this year we have the deep joy of sharing with you that we will be celebrating its 20th edition. That's why we are celebrating it big time.

We will receive two of the most recognized and prestigious choreographers in Israeli Folk Dancing today. From Israel we'll have Michael Barzelai, and from Los Angeles, Sagi Azran. Both with extensive experience in the world of rikudei-am in Israel and the world, they stand out for their energy when it comes to dancing and creativity in their choreographies that are a success worldwide. They will teach workshops, and harkadot, both for beginners and advanced dancers.

We will have two shows, one on Saturday night and one on Sunday afternoon, with the presentation of the most outstanding Lehakot in our country and abroad. In addition there will be other alternative activities both related to dance and other.

The Festival's direction will be in charge of Melany Laniado, with Ezequiel Livinsky and Melany Wesler as assistant directors. The harkadot team will be led by Santiago Goldberg and Tamara Temnik, and the exclusive program for beginners will be carried out by Brenda Michan. Daniel Lansky and Karina Limonic will also be part of the staff.


Michael Barzelai
Michael Barzelai
Born in Haifa, he started dancing at age 8. He is married to Ariela Grisario with whom he created the dance Kji Laj. He is the author of all 1st places in the last 3 Rikudim BA's rankings: Normali, Mishehu Iti Kan and Bechaiai; and other hits like Aneni, Yahalomim and Smachot. He travels around the world presenting his dances and comes to Argentina for the first time, excited to visit our beautiful country and eager to bring us his latest creations with the charisma, sympathy and humility that represents him.
Sagi Azran
Sagi Azran
From Los Angeles, although born in Israel, he visits Argentina for the first time to bring the energy that characterizes him. He is the author of hits for all levels such as Kubaio, Merci and Ahava Zo Ahava for the most intermediate, and Al HaMapa, Kululu and Dvash BaSfatayim for the most advanced, among other dances. He directs his own session in Los Angeles and the MachoLA festival in San Diego every year. A real showman who dances everything and will bring us his latest dances next May.



For the first time at a Dalia Festival, we are opening simultaneous sessions exclusively for beginners. Harkadot and workshops with the choreographers specially designed for those who just started dancing not long ago.

General Program
General Program

Almost 20 hours of harkadot and workshops with the 2 choreographers of the moment. A luxury team of teachers to give life to the passion of rikudei-am.


Two shows at full speed for troupes and choreography groups from Argentina and abroad. Special activities and a space to bond and make new friends.



No lodging


USD 100 USD 150

  • Workshops with the choreographers
  • Harkadot with the best teachers
  • Official Festival T-Shirt ¡Included!
  • Use of facilities, showers, water dispensers
  • Security and infirmary

Base with Meals

USD 150 USD 200

  • Everything included in the Base price and also...
  • Lunchs
  • Coffee breaks
  • Dinners

With lodging

Sleeping in Hacoaj

USD 200 USD 250

  • Everything included in the Base with Meals price and also...
  • Sleeping space in dorm rooms within the festival's location (sleeping mats are available, sleeping bag not provided)
  • Breakfast

Hotel Triple/Doble

USD 315 USD 350

  • Everything included in the Base with Meals price and also...
  • Triple / Double Room at the Wyndham Nordelta 5 Hotel
  • Transportation from and to the festival
  • Breakfast at the hotel

Hotel Single

USD 405 USD 450

  • Everything included in the Base with Meals price and also...
  • Single Room at the Wyndham Nordelta 5 Hotel
  • Transportation from and to the festival
  • Breakfast at the hotel


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Cancellation policy

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